Brukarros Meat Processors
  Brukarros Meat Processors

Sheep arrive at the abattoir by means of road transport and are handled in such a way to reduce stress and discomfort. Sheep are well rested for a minimum period of twelve hours prior to slaughtering during which fresh drinking water is available ad-libitum.

The slaughter line is fully mechanized and synchronized to ensure minimal handling of the product. The slaughtering process is constantly monitored by well-trained supervisors through physical presence and on closed circuit television. The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry has an independent compliment of staff, including a full time veterinarian, permanently on site to ensure that regulations are met and monitored.

Standards are set by a well experienced BMP’s in-house Quality and Assurance Team to guarantee a safe and sound product from a safe and sound environment.

The Meat Board of Namibia, as the regulator and custodian of the Namibian Meat Industry, is responsible for the classification and grading of carcasses according to quality. The latter being a function of the age, sexual orientation and physical condition of the animal.


Brukarros Meat Processors
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